The Positive World Colors of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Keep on Going !

A colorful man that has proved that God and Jesus Christ knows no boundaries, spreading his word throughout Asia, North America, Africa and Europe. That man is Chris Oyakhilome. The US, UK and South Africa have seen how Pastor Chris glows with charisma through television, books and live events as his followings grow stronger every day.

This year, with Christ Embassy with “the year of the flourishing” the message for God’s direction was launched trough mobile app ( PCDL )to welcome the glory of our savior in the form of testimonies and by words of Mr.Oyakhilome Keep himself as spirits fly higher, faiths are built stronger even in the most unlikely of places, as modern technology embraces our holy trinity.

Chris Oyakhilome Keepis a man of answers, engages doubt and makes the strong unshakable and gives the path to Jesus as clear as day in this ever changing world. More victories are to come as the divine power is connected to events, as proof 3.5 million cannot be wrong.

If you are in the beautiful country of Zimbabwe on May seventh, God has put you in his path. Experience the blissful glow,the undeniable proof, your time to live the way you were meant to live, as you can witness this event live. Stadium Harare will see an event, which you can join like no other.

The rain, clouds, darkness or high water have not been able to stop Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Keep or the enlightened audience, as they sing, dance and jump as miracles appear and hearts are open through the eyes and ears.

There is a past,there is a present and in light of our savior, there is a future ! The future of magic and rejoice. Women and men, young and senior of all walks of life have now have a chance when in Zimbabwe. A chance to be part of the prophecy, a chance to be one with the father, the son and the holly ghost. As the divine trinity reveals the glory: if one wanted a sign, this is the sign. If one wanted righteousness, this is the sign.If one is in need and is hungry for the divine path, this is the sign. Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria have already been part of the holly history and have experienced the power, the joy and the glory of the lord. Be one in mind, be one in body and be one in soul as the word comes in best time ever. Do not miss this destiny-changing moment. Do not miss the light millions have already had and many other millions are craving. It is once a lifetime chance to open your heart to the one and only father through the words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Keep and the Christ Embassy, as no other event can gather these numbers and this force. Feel the power in the flesh with a magnificent audience which will also lift your spirits and turn your life into greatness with blissful timing as the positive world colors of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Keep on Going !